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Grain Cleaning

Hartley Farms offer a wide range of grain cleaning and processing facilities – may it be rejected grain from an end user, which may not meet the requirements; or may it be grain coming into our storage facilities on behalf of growers / merchants; or end users which may have been sampled and tested in our laboratory which may have fallen out of its required specification – our onsite grain processing will be available to help achieve the desired end product.

There are four main methods of processing:

Optical: This process involves a colour separating unit, which looks at each grain, identifying the foreign material programmed for removal and separating it out, this may be for example the removal of Ergot, weed seeds and other differentially coloured contaminants.

Weight: This process involves the specific separation of heavier material from lighter material, the size of the two parties may well be the same but one may weigh heavier than the other, for example the improvement of Hagberg in milling wheat, grains which have started to germinate in a wet season will be lighter than those that have not germinated hence the ability to salvage the good grains and downgrade the poor grains to feed wheat. Another example is the scenario of removing wheat from milling oats.

Size: Similar to the screens which we have in the laboratory but on a larger scale, within this unit we can place many different screen configurations, which allows us to remove differently sized objects for example, Malting barley and Milling oats in the removal of thin blind grains, or the separation of stones which may have become contaminated during the harvesting process.

Friction: Certain commodities after harvest may still have some of the stem or plant attached to them, this frequently results in issues upon intake of the commodity such as bridging and lodging, this process allows a gentle friction to take place therefore removing these parts of the crop creating a smoother bolder grain, in most cases improving the specific weight and overall quality of the grain.

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