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Over the last 40 years, Hartley Farms has created a wealth of knowledge in dealing with issues on grain management,

 as a result of this knowledge we now offer a

 Grain Consultancy service.

Grain Consultancy Service

Over the last 40 years, Hartley Farms has created a vast wealth of knowledge in dealing with an array of issues in relation to grain management, as a result of this knowledge we are now able to offer an on farm, confidential consultancy service for any issues with stored grain which may have succumbed to an array of issues may it be storm damage, hot spots or a cross contamination.

This service aims to offer a speedy response where quite often if temperatures are rising an answer will need to found quickly in order to minimise the potential of any loss or further loss of product, aiming to maintain the best in quality and quantity both for grower and end user.

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Grain Consultancy at Hartley Farms

Welcome to Hartley Farms, where over four decades of agricultural expertise guide our dedicated grain consultancy services.

We specialise in tackling the diverse challenges of grain management, ensuring that your agricultural products achieve their highest potential in safety, quality, and value.

Tailored Expertise for Optimal Grain Management

At Hartley Farms, we understand that each grain management issue requires a nuanced approach.

Our seasoned consultants deliver personalised, on-site services designed to effectively address your specific needs.

From storm damage recovery to issues of hot spots and cross-contamination, our team is equipped to provide expert solutions that minimise losses and enhance product quality and quantity.

Enhancing Your Agricultural Operations

Explore the comprehensive range of consultancy services we offer at Hartley Farms.

Learn how we can assist you in refining your grain management practices to boost efficiency and ensure your grain meets the strictest standards of quality.

With our guidance, you can optimise every aspect of your operations, from storage to final product quality.

Grain Testing at Hartley Farms
Grain Sample being taken at Hartley Farms

Our Consultancy Services

Comprehensive Grain Management Expertise

At Hartley Farms, we offer a broad spectrum of consultancy services designed to enhance every aspect of grain management, from storage to distribution.

Our goal is to optimise quality and efficiency, ensuring your operations meet the highest standards.

Key Consultancy Services Include:

  • Storage Solutions: Tailored advice on the best practices and facilities for protecting your grain from environmental factors and contamination.
  • Quality Control: Strategies to maintain and enhance grain quality to meet market and regulatory standards.
  • Risk Management: Techniques for identifying and managing potential risks, including pest control and contamination prevention.

Specialised Support

We provide specialised consultancy for unique or critical needs:

  • Emergency Response: Rapid solutions for issues like spoilage or weather-related damage.
  • Process Improvement: Optimisation of existing processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Innovation Implementation: Guidance on adopting new technologies to keep your operations competitive.

Tailored Approaches

Our consultancy services are customised to fit the specific needs of your operation:

  • We conduct personalised assessments to fully understand your unique challenges.
  • We craft detailed action plans aligned with your business objectives.
  • We offer ongoing support and follow-up to ensure successful implementation.

Choosing Hartley Farms for your grain consultancy needs gives you access to expert advice and strategic guidance, enhancing your operational success and profitability.

Benefits of Our Services

Optimal Grain Preservation

Choosing Hartley Farms for grain consultancy ensures optimal preservation of your grain through expertly managed storage conditions and processes.

We help maintain the grain’s quality and safety, significantly extending its marketability and shelf life.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced Quality and Safety: Our strategic advice helps ensure your grain meets high-quality standards, reducing the risk of spoilage and contamination.
  • Increased Market Value: Proper grain management enhances the overall value of your produce, making it more attractive to buyers and more profitable for you.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Our consultancy services not only aim to improve the quality and safety of your grain but also focus on increasing your operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness:

  • Reduced Losses: By implementing effective storage and management strategies, we help minimise losses due to spoilage and waste.
  • Streamlined Processes: Our guidance can help streamline your operations, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

Compliance and Peace of Mind

  • Regulatory Compliance: We ensure that your grain storage and management practices comply with the latest industry standards and regulations, helping you avoid potential legal issues.
  • Expert Support: With Hartley Farms, you gain the assurance of having expert advice readily available, giving you peace of mind in managing your agricultural investments.

By leveraging Hartley Farms’ consultancy services, you benefit from comprehensive support that enhances your operations, ensures compliance, and optimises the economic returns of your grain management efforts.

All Grain is thoroughly tested at Hartley Farms

Why Choose Grain Consultancy by Hartley Farms??

Unrivalled Industry Experience

At Hartley Farms, we bring over 40 years of agricultural expertise to the table.

Our deep understanding of the multifaceted challenges facing today’s grain producers ensures that we provide expert solutions that enhance your operations.

Comprehensive Consultancy Services

We offer a wide array of consultancy services tailored to address every aspect of grain management, including:

  • Storm Damage Recovery: Effective strategies to mitigate weather-related damages.
  • Temperature and Contamination Management: Solutions to maintain optimal grain quality and prevent spoilage.
  • Process Optimisation: Techniques to streamline operations and increase profitability.

Personalised Solutions

Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that you receive the most effective solutions for your unique challenges:

  • On-farm visits for direct assessment and issue resolution.
  • Custom strategies developed from a thorough understanding of your operational dynamics.
  • Continuous support to ensure successful and sustainable implementation.

Proven Results

Clients who choose Hartley Farms enjoy enhanced quality and safety of their stored grains, reduced losses due to spoilage or contamination, and improved efficiency in grain handling and storage.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is evident in everything we do—from staying abreast of the latest developments in grain management to ensuring that our solutions exceed industry standards.

We are dedicated to supporting your success and adapting to changing conditions and requirements.

By partnering with Hartley Farms for your grain consultancy needs, you ensure access to a team that is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes, helping your operations thrive now and in the future.

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